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      Hangzhou Chennuo Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.
   Hangzhou Chennuo Mechanical Technology Limited produces copper grounding wire, copper clad flat steel, round steel and copper clad steel grounding rod. All these are produced by adopting and making good use of unique production processes based on advanced foreign technology. The products are made of low copper resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical connectivity, high steel strength and good plasticity hence making them very convenient for construction and easy to transport. In addition, their copper layers do not peel off easily. All these features make them the best choice to replace traditional metal grounding materials. These products can be widely used in power transmission, power stations, communication stations, buildings and antenna grounding devices and lightning arresters (lightning rods/lightning conductors) and downlead an anti thunder grounding system.They are also one of the keys to protection from natural disasters required by the rapid development of this modern global economy.
Due to the increasing standards of society and the environment as a whole, the company's products have been designed to have obvious and prominent advantages. The company has it's own core technology electroplating plant which is located two kilometers on the Hang Jin Qu Ciwu Expressway and is the most advanced electroplating production and demonstration plant at the centre of Zhejiang province. The plant, established in October 2013 and completed in December 2014 covers an area of 80 acres, has a new modern chemical industry factory building (No.8, with four flours) and supports the construction of Zhuji East Sewage Treatment Co.Ltd, a leading international advanced electrochemical technology and reverse osmosis membrane reuse company which ensures quality/standard treatment and discharge of electroplating waste water. Presently, both the electroplating plant and sewage treatment plant have officially been put to use.First-class facilities of the plant, it's service personnel and it's management are repeatedly visited and investigated by superiors from the State Environmental Protection Department of East China and through this it has been approved, certified and awarded by both local city and county governments.
Here at Chennuo, keeping our word is our status quo. Chennuo machinery science and technology is always ready to dedicatedly serve all it's customers!