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  •  Grounding device
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   Grounding device by grounding and ground wires, which buried in direct contact with the earth metal conductor said grounding body, electric device must be connected to the part and connected body connected by a metal conductor known for the grounding line, several grounding body on the earth each conductor even pick up consisting of integrated grounding grid.
Ground (earthing)
Grounding refers to the exposed conductive part and device of neutral point, the electric power system and electric equipment of electrical equipment through the conductive part of the conductor is connected to the earth. Can be divided into work and earthing and grounding protection.
Working grounding is run by the power system needs and settings (such as the neutral point grounding), so under normal circumstances there will be current for a long time through the ground electrode, but only a few amperes to tens of amperes of unbalanced current. The grounding fault occurs, there will be thousands of amperes of current through the ground electrode. However, the current will be relay protection device in 0.05 ~ 0.1s resection and even backup protection action in general is less than 1s.
Lightning protection and grounding overvoltage is to eliminate the dangerous effects of a grounding, such as lightning lightning and lightning arrester grounding line. Lightning protection grounding just under lightning impulse will have a current flows, through the lightning protection grounding electrode of lightning current amplitude up to dozens of first 100 amperes, however, the duration is very short.
Protective earthing is to prevent equipment for insulation damage charged and endanger personal safety the ground, such as the metal shell of the electric power equipment, reinforced concrete rod and a metal tower. Protective earthing only in the insulation damage case if current flows, its value can be changed in a large range.
The above three kinds of current through the grounding electrode will cause the increase of grounding electrode potential, affect the safety of people and equipment. We must increase potential of grounding electrode should be limited, or take appropriate security measures to ensure that the equipment and personal safety.
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