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  • 4 advantages of copper clad steel wire compared to pure copper wire
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chennuo Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.Data:2017-02-17 10:46 Click:

The copper clad steel wire belongs to the double metal composite wire rod, and has the advantages of copper and steel. Copper clad steel wire has 4 obvious advantages compared with pure copper wire.

1) Attenuation is less than pure copper wire copper clad steel wire at high frequency, small transmission loss at high frequency, high transmission efficiency; electrical performance can meet the needs of CATV system, attenuation and return loss, characteristic impedance and other performance indicators is not lower than that of pure copper core cable:
2) In the same section and state (e.g. hard), the mechanical strength of copper clad steel wire is 2 times the solid copper wire, can withstand the impact load, in the mobile environment is relatively harsh and more frequent places of use, high reliability and anti fatigue performance, long service life;
3) Copper clad steel wire can be made with different electrical conductivity and tensile strength of wire, its performance almost contains all the mechanical and electrical properties of copper alloy.
4) Generation of copper to copper clad steel wire steel wire, reduce the cost of copper consumption, though all reduced, meet the needs of resource-saving society, in the current copper prices soared, the rising price of copper cable, the use of copper clad steel wire products can be reduced as compared to wood, copper clad steel wire cable cable structure with light weight also, can reduce transportation and installation costs.