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  • Analysis on the application range and corrosion reasons of copper clad steel grounding rods
  • Editor:Hangzhou Chennuo Machinery Technology Co. Ltd.Data:2017-02-17 11:04 Click:
Copper clad steel rod is a kind of composite conductor which is made of two kinds of copper and steel. The conductor has the advantages of high strength, excellent elasticity, large thermal resistance and high magnetic conductivity, good conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance.

The reason of copper clad steel grounding rod device corrosion mainly because corrosion of steel in soil by electro-chemical corrosion. Many domestic units have carried out research in this area, and put forward a lot of measures to prevent corrosion, such as power grid inside and outside the expanded accident grounding device primarily due to the heat capacity of grounding device a serious lack of some ion grounding rods caused by corrosion. Some because of improper design, construction, grounding accidents continue to long time, exothermic welding maintenance can not removed quickly, provided the time condition for the accident.
Welding between different types of conductors, in order to meet the different specifications. The welding ends of the conductor are fixed in a mold, hot melt into the flux, igniting the ignition powder, reaction temperature of the powder melting into a liquid cooling, the mold is opened, the resistance reducing agent applied method of anti-corrosion nano conductive coatings in hot dip steel, the corrosion resistance is superior to pure galvanized steel grounding material.
Can effectively use the deep low soil resistivity to reduce the grounding resistance, product life of more than 50 years. But also has a high mechanical tensile strength, suitable for deep drilling, into the ground is not broken, do not fall off.
FLUXWELD is a high-tech, high-efficiency modern welding product. Is the use of copper oxide and aluminum chemical reaction to produce liquid high temperature copper and alumina residue, in the high temperature of the graphite mold to achieve the conductor and the conductor between the various forms of high-performance metal welding.
Copper pipe steel grounding rod and ground wire connection using FLUXWELD exothermic welding better, so that the grounding device is completely under the protection of copper, you can truly become maintenance-free grounding system device. Greatly improve its service life.
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